We are specialists in Culvert & Sewer Cleaning.

High Pressure Cleaning
Specialists in External Cleaning using power washing, steam cleaning & jet washing equipment.
Liquid Waste Removal
We offer a fast, friendly & professional liquid waste removal service for both hazardous and non-hazardous liquid waste
Road Gully Cleaning
We undertake CCTV inspections of both manholes and chambers for both domestic and commercials clients.
Unblocking & Cleaning
Whatever the problem, Let Us Help You Resolve Your Blockage. Call us 24/7

Culvert & Sewer Cleaning

 Using state-of-the-art Culvert & Sewer Cleaning technology.

We carry out an expert culvert & sewer cleaning service with the very latest equipment and proven methods across London, Middlesex and Hertfordshire. This process starts with a culvert inspection to diagnose the issue and the most effective approach to the culvert cleaning. With a fixed price, no call-out charge, and a 24/7 service, we offer a premium service with experienced, licenced and insured engineers that ensure a long-lasting solution. We are National Sewerage Association members and compliant with the ISO 2015 standards for 9001; 14001 & 18001 amongst many others.

Culverts and sewer typically run underneath roads, railways, pathways and other structures, and as a result they are susceptible to blockages and build ups of sediment and debris. A blockage in a culvert can be caused by many things but our powerful culvert and sewer cleaning tools resolve the issue with minimal disruption.

Types Of Culvert & Sewer Cleaning We Do

  • Root Cutting
  • Culvert Sucking
  • Culvert Unblocking
  • High Pressure Jetting
  • Debris And Silt Removal

Our experienced, licensed and insured engineers will ensure a long-lasting solution. Most frequently, the best method to clean a culvert is by using a High Pressure Jetting Unit. This breaks down deposits and blockages in order to open up the culvert to its full diameter, thus restoring it back to a free-flowing condition.


Culverts, Sewer Cleaning

We can Clean & Inspections culverts diameter pipework from 225mm up to 3000mm

Uniflow has the capability to carry out culverts inspections and mainline pipework using High Pressure Jetting, push rods and mechanical crawler unit. 

We can also carry out

  • Laser profiling
  • Drain mapping,
  • GPS surveying,
  • HADDMS surveys
  • High Pressure Jetting
  • CCTV Culverts Inspections 
Culverts Cleaning 76%
Mapping & Charting 70%
Sewer Cleaning 35%
Culverts & Repairs 55%