Drain Mapping & Charting

Drain mapping is used to plot the location and direct flow of man holes and connecting drain pipes.

GPS Mapping
GPS mapping is a mapping service that integrates GPS tracer to be able to obtain the longitude and latitude reading.
Sonar Tracing
Sonar tracing sending out a signal from a SONDE transmitter that’s been integrated into our CCTV camera heads.
Water Flow Mapping
we use advanced technology for water flow mapping & drainage asset mapping and data management.
Sewer Pipe Mapping
Using Latest Radar Technology, Full Mapping Of Underground pipes and the location of public sewer.


By using the sonar equipment, our engineers can accurately map every bend and location of defects within the pipework using the latest mapping technology equipment.

Drain mapping is vital to understanding your property’s drainage system if you are considering any building work or modification to your property, such as an extension or you need to know the depth and location then sonar tracing and drain mapping is a good way of finding is information out.

Drain map is used to plot the location and direct flow of manholes and connecting drain pipes. Architects, builders or even homeowners will find this information helpful if they plan to carry out any building works shortly.

Our drain engineers carry out sonar mapping using the latest mapping technology through the use of our sonar tracing helps to reduce the possibility of errors during construction the process involves inserting a CCTV drain camera down the drain line with an integrated sonde head; this will send out a signal which can be picked up by the receiver that the engineer uses to determine the approx depth of the camera.

By using the sonar equipment, our engineers can accurately map every bend and location of defects within the pipework.

As part of our service, we are able to create full AutoCAD maps should we be provided with a DWG file of the area; our engineers are able to integrate the data they have collected onto the existing DWG file or alternatively, they are able to create one from scratch.

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Why is drain mapping important?

Drain mapping can show potential stress on pipes during building work

Drain mapping can show  difficulty in connecting your new build to the drainage system

Drain mapping can show risks of damaging and cracking pipes

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Mapping Report

We can survey diameter pipework from 100mm up to 3000mm

Uniflow has the capability to carry out CCTV surveys on all residential and mainline pipework using push rods and mechanical crawler unit. 

We can also carry out

  • CCTV Float Services
  • Laser profiling
  • Drain mapping,
  • GPS surveying,
  • HADDMS surveys 
Sewer Pipe Mapping 78%
Sonar Tracing 68%
Water Flow Mapping 35%
GPS Mapping 58%
Water Flow Mapping 23%