The Importance Of Drain Mapping

The Importance of drain mapping before you do any work putting in drains in a new property or facility, drain mapping must be done first. It’s a vital step that not many do, but it can be extremely beneficial to the overall project and its success. In the past, once the main drainage system was installed (with no mapping), any additions or modification were simply made as needed, with many keeping inconsistent records of what had already been done, making the entire process confusing and expensive. So for many drainage professionals taking on a new project, it wasn’t a matter of what needs to be added, but one of what had already been added, with the entire process more of a discovery project than anything.

With incomplete records or ones that were inaccurate, it was hard to really see what was happening in the drainage system of a building, home or facility. This meant a lot of guesswork has to be made to figure out how it worked and function.


It sets up everything needed with the system before any work is done so that there are accurate records of what’s being done, taking out the guesswork in the future. Thanks to new technologies and standards in construction and asset management, professionals have an enhanced understanding of drainage assets. This is extremely important for managing cost.

A system no longer needs as many upgrades or predictions since drainage planning accounts for all scenarios and what ifs, allowing the system to be built as complete as possible so that there are minimum extra costs in the future when it comes to upgrades.


Drainage mapping also allows engineers to control huge amounts of data about drainage systems and assets since they need to know how much about the system as possible. As weather patterns are more volatile these days, it’s very important to be as accurate as possible to control any risks that may be associated with water management.

These new digital technologies provide professionals with a new approach to drainage surveying that allows them to see everything at once to make the correct predictions and decisions about a drainage system. And as new technologies emerge, professionals will only have a better understanding, only fueling the importance of drain mapping before any work is done.